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Protect Valuables with a Secure Safe

Making sure your valuables and possessions are protected and secure is what a security safe is for. Whether it is valuable documents, jewellery and firearms, or simply sentimental photos or property a safe can protect from a large range of potential problems.

Available in all shapes and sizes and with different levels of security and durability, it is important to make sure you select the right safe for your needs.

High Security Safes in Adelaide

High Security Safes are designed to defend against multiple threats from fire, Oxy-Acetylene, drills, Explosives, Pneumatic and hydraulic tools and more. All this gives you the confidence that your valuables are safe.

For a solid secure fire resistant safe click here.

There are also multiple safe locking options from key locks to combination locks, with different mounting positions in floors and in or against walls.

Secure Products and Safe Supplies

For your Safe Solutions Northern Locksmiths are sure to have a safe that will suit your needs providing you with peace of mind, knowing your valuables are protected and secure.

See below for a list of our Secure Safe products

Supra Key safe

Emergency key safe box(2 key). Lock away emergency keys to gain entry into a house where medical assistance is needed, or for holiday rentals.

Yale Fire rated safe

Fire resistant safes with code pad entry in many different sizes. This fire resistant home safe has a fire rating of 1hr and is operated by a code entry which can be co