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High Security Restricted Key Access

A common way to restrict access to different areas, rooms or places is a 'Master Key System.'

This is a key lock system that requires various levels of keys in order that only certain access can be granted to certain people. A staff worker might have a key to open a gate and an office door, whereas the business owner or authorised user might have a master key to access every lock on the premises.

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Master Key Systems in Adelaide

These restricted access systems enable a secure way of access control and being a key system that can be restricted through patent or registered design this makes it hard to duplicate or copy, increasing the security of different access points, key blanks and locks.

Security Key Restricted Access Systems

Restricted access systems also cover many types of locks including padlocks, doorlocks, deadlocks and at Northern Locksmiths we are happy to discuss with you the options and products that will work best in your situation.

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