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Secure and Protect with a Padlock

Padlocks are portable locking devices that have been used for centuries to lock anything together through which the shackle can be passed and pushed into the lock.

They largely consist of two locking mechanisms, the integrated and modular designs, the former being an older style and the later a modern padlock design.

Padlock Designs in Adelaide

There are a huge range of Padlocks for all kinds of uses and purposes, from small padlocks for luggage and letterboxes to heavy duty, high security padlocks with effective protection from sawing, drilling, cutting or twisting.

Residential grade padlocks can be found by clicking here.

Padlocks at Northside Locksmiths

There are a variety of padlocks to cater for every solution. They come in Brass, Aluminium, Toughened steel and as Key padlocks, combination padlocks, disc padlocks and more.

Make sure that you select the right padlock for the application you wish to use it with.

See below for a list of our Padlock products

Abus 155/30 combination lock

No keys required for these multi use padlocks. Ideal for securing luggage

Abus 83/45

Large range of padlocks ranging from suitcase and letterbox locks to very high security, bolt cutter resistant padlocks