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Deadlocks for added security in Adelaide

In order to boost security a deadlock is well worth installing. Deadlocks have a higher level of protection than the pin tumbler lock which is commonly used and much easier to break into.

Secure Strong Steel Deadlocks

The higher security of a deadlock is obtained by having a strong steel bolt that extends into the door jamb and strike plate of a door.

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The most commonly used deadlock locks are as follows:
• Single cylinder deadlock which uses key to open the lock from the inside or outside
• Double cylinder deadlock which uses a key on the outside but a twist knob on the inside

Northside Locksmith Deadlocks

The single cylinder deadlock system can be venerable to a breaking through a window allowing an easy exit through twisting the knob on the inside, whereas a double cylinder deadlock can avoid this.

Deadbolts can also be selected to match the decor of your home, often having a variety of styles, looks and colours that can complement the security of your door.

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Ritefit Single Cylinder Deadlock

Ritefit Single Cylinder DeadboltThe RiteFit series of budget deadbolts is suitable in residential, low traffic situations. Features include:

Gainsborough Trilock

3 in 1 locksets with different furniture and lever styles. Gives your front entry door an appealing look with the added protection.

Brava Deadbolt

Commercial and residential deadlocks in double cylinder or single cylinder forms